10 Wine Cellars for Millionaires

10 Wine Cellars for Millionaires

Faith Durand
Oct 29, 2014
(Image credit: Maxwell & Company)

Do you ever "lay down" a bottle of wine? If I happen to put a bottle away for more than a few days, it just means I forgot it in the back of the liquor cabinet. But some with greater means than myself have entire cellars devoted to wine.

If you were a multi-millionaire, would you also drop a few chunks of cash into a wine cellar? Let's peek inside a few and see how they suit.

  1. Estancia Custom - Kind of like Napa, without tourists.
  2. Contemporary Wine Cellar in London - James Bond not included.
  3. West Vancouver Transitional Cellar - This cellar is a paltry 150 square feet. Time for an upgrade, don't you think?
  4. Country House in Bruges - If I had a country house in Bruges, this is exactly what I would do. How did you know?
  5. Wine + Tunnel = The Wunnel - Forget wine cellar. This waterfront home has a wunnel.
  6. North Clearwater Beach Residence - A more "nontraditional" approach, say the architects.
  7. Finn Cellar in Vancouver - Like peering into a very large barrel of wine.
  8. White Rock Creek - Is that a grape vine on the wall?
  9. Scarsdale Custom Wine Cellar - So. Much. Wine.
  10. Ocean House Miami - Please tell me it turns around and around!

Of course, good-natured class warfare aside, one doesn't need a climate-controlled cellar to collect wine, especially over the short term. A relatively inexpensive wine fridge (put it in the closet if you don't have room in the kitchen) will let you pick up a few bottles to hold on to.

Interested in starting to collect wine? Check out this great introductory post on how to get started.

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