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Those colorful little plastic tags that keep bread bags (and sometimes bags of fruits and vegetables) closed are great at doing their job, but I've reluctantly thrown the tags in the trash because I have no further use for them after the bread's gone. Here are 10 fun, useful ways to reuse them so that they find a more permanent place in your home!

(Image credit: JewelPie)

10 Ways to Reuse Bread Tags

  1. Wine glass charms (pictured) - Don't spend money on wine charms if you can make your own. If you have a lot of the same color bread tags, write each guest's name or draw unique designs on them with permanent marker!
  2. Bookmarks - Never lose your place in a book or magazine again.
  3. Power cord labels - Label power cords with bread tags for easy identification.
  4. Organize spare keys - Write what the key opens onto the bread tag and then use it as a key ring.
  5. Organize rubber bands and hair ties - Loop rubber bands and hair ties into the bread tag to keep them from tangling into each other.
  6. Mini scrapers - These little tags are strong but just flexible enough to act as mini scrapers to help get stickers, little bits of dried food in the corners of baking pans, or bits of dried candle wax off of surfaces.
  7. Plant labels - To keep track of your plants, hook labeled bread tags onto the side of the planter or right over a branch or stem.
  8. Earbud holder - Wind your earbuds neatly around a bread tag so they don't get all tangled in your bag or pocket.
  9. Mark the end of a piece of tape (pictured) - Avoid the frustration of finding the end of a roll of tape by attaching a bread tag there instead.
  10. Guitar picks - Hold the bread tag on the notched end and strum away with the other for an easy guitar pick substitute.

What kinds of things have you done with bread tags?