10 Ways To Eat an Avocado for Breakfast

I'll eat an avocado at any time of the day, but for breakfast they seem especially hearty and satisfying. Here are 10 ways you can get a little green in your morning meal!

Avocado Toast from Andrew of Making Sunday Sauce
Avocado Breakfast Pudding from Lizzie of Tomboy Style
Yes, Adding Avocado to Scrambled Eggs Is a Very Good Idea
The Pleasures of a Breakfast Salad
Creamy, Green, and Sweet: The Avocado Smoothie

Healthy & Hearty Breakfast Idea: Egg Baked In an Avocado
How To Make a Breakfast Burrito
Restaurant Re-Creation: Avocado Toast from Cafe Gitane
Raw Avocado Lime Mousse on Rice Cakes
Avocado Hollandaise

How To Slice, Store & Eat an Avocado: 15 Tips
15 Ways to Eat an Egg for Breakfast

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