10 More Ways To Eat an Egg!

I love eggs! There, I said it. Seriously, I can eat them six ways to Sunday, but after taking a look at some recipes from around the web (some crazier than others) I might have a few new egg dishes up my sleeve in the coming weeks. Egg yolk ravioli, Tunisian brik, and chorizo Scotch eggs, coming right up! FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT
1. Tunisian Brik-Style Eggs from MyRecipes
2. Deviled Eggs and Pickled Beets from Bon Appetit
3. Chorizo Scotch Eggs from CHOW
4. Deep-Fried Eggs with Sriracha Remoulade from Bon Appetit
5. Swiss Chard-Ricotta Galettes with Fried Eggs from MyRecipes

6. Ratatouille and Baked Eggs from Martha Stewart
7. Pickled Quail Eggs from CHOW
8. Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs from CHOW
9. Egg and Anchovy Crostini from MyRecipes
10. Egg Yolk Ravioli (Uova da Raviolo) with Bacon-Sage Sauce from CHOW

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(Images: See links above for full image credits)