10 Small Yet Mighty Shortcuts for Prepping Your Favorite Fruits

Tips from The Kitchn

Did you know you can peel a mango with just a drinking glass? Or that you can use a pastry tip to remove cherry stones? There are so many ways to peel, cut, or otherwise prepare fruit in the kitchen, but some are better than others.

If you love eating fruit by itself, or use fruit in a lot of seasonal recipes, these 10 small yet mighty shortcuts may just save you some valuable time.

1. Kiwifruit

Instead of cutting a kiwi in half and shaving off the skin, just use your spoon!

2. Cherry Tomatoes

If you're cutting a bunch of cherry tomatoes at the same time for a salad, you shouldn't do it individually. This easy trick involving two plastic lids will make things a little easier.

3. Mango

No need to use a knife to get the skin off a mango! Just grab the nearest drinking glass.

4. Pomegranate

Keep the de-seeding process from turning your kitchen into a mess by submerging a cut pomegranate in water.

5. Bananas

You should be opening your banana like a monkey – at the opposite end!

6. Avocado

The trick to cutting beautiful segments of avocado is to slice it while it's still in its skin.

7. Grapefruit

Get more juice out of your grapefruit by slicing it into segments. It might take a bit more time, but it's less messy.

8. Clementine

Get less juice on your hands by cutting the ends of a clementine and rolling it out like a caterpillar. Watch the video tutorial to see how it's done.

9. Watermelon

There is, in fact, a method to the juicy madness that is cutting a watermelon. If you have a good cutting board and can shave off the rind, then you're all set.

10. Cherries

Don't have a cherry pitter? No problem! Bust out your pastry tip and you'll be just fine.

Do you have any surprising ways to cut, peel, or prepare your favorite fruit? Anything that saves you time in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

(Image credits: Kelli Foster; Anjali Prasertong; James Herron; Emma Christensen; Dana Velden; Faith Durand; Christine Gallary)