10 Smart and Cheap Ways to Organize Pot Lids

10 Smart and Cheap Ways to Organize Pot Lids

Cambria Bold
Mar 10, 2015
IKEA's VARIERA pot lid organizer, at Simple Bites
(Image credit: Simple Bites)

Ugh, pot lids. Is there any kitchen item more annoying to store than ye ol' pot lid? These clanky essentials can single-handedly mess up an otherwise neat kitchen cabinet unless they're corralled and ordered in some way. Here are 10 affordable, smart ways to get those pot lids under control!

Via Hip2Save
(Image credit: Hip2Save)

1. Use a towel bar

Hang a towel bar inside or next to a cabinet to catch your pot lids, via Hip2Save.

2. Use a magnetic knife rack

Who says pot lids have to be lined up in a wire rack? If they're magnetic, you can pop them on a magnetic knife strip instead, as we showed here.

3. Use adhesive hooks

As we first wrote here, you can use adhesive hooks to hang pot lids on the inside of cabinet door.

4. Use the top of an existing wire shelf

We loved how this Kitchn reader used the slats on the top of her wire shelf to stack her pot lids. So smart!

5. Use the top of an existing pot rack

A long time ago Sara Kate wrote about how she keeps her lids on the top of her pot rack. It's not a perfect solution, but it does get them out of the way.

Or, use one of these 5 traditional pot lid organizers

If you'd rather go for a more traditional pot lid organizer, here are five that come in under $20!

  1. OIA Lid Rack in Chrome, $19.99 from Wayfair
  2. VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer, $5.99 from IKEA
  3. Wire Lid Storage Rack, $5.99 from OrganizeIt.com
  4. Mesh Pot and Lid Organizer, $14.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond
  5. Pull-Out Lid Organizer, $12.99 from The Container Store

How do you store your pot lids?

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