10 Small Cool Kitchens: Past Contest Winners & Finalists

Today we announced that we're going to launch this year's Small Cool Kitchens contest next week! So here's a look back at the previous times we've run this contest (2007 and 2010), and some of the inspiring winners and finalists. From a bold little kitchen in Minnesota, to a classic renovation in Cambridge, take a peek at some of the past favorites.

• 1 Tanya's Former Light Bulb Factory Kitchen in East Boston - Winner of 2010 Small Cool Kitchens Contest. 112 sf kitchen in Boston.
• 2 Phoebe's Crisp Organic - Winner of 2007 Small Cool Kitchens Contest. 63 sf kitchen in Cambridge, MA.
• 3 Megumi's Hand-Made Brussels Kitchen - International winner of 2010 contest. 98 sf in Brussels.
• 4 Jessica's Blue and Silver Flair - Runner-up in 2007 contest. 45 sf in New York City.
• 5 Finch's Sunny San Francisco Kitchen - Finalist in 2010. 82 sf in San Francisco.

• 6 Jennifer's Light and Airy - Runner-up in 2007 contest. 65 sf in New York City.
• 7 Theresa's Sweet and Modern San Francisco Kitchen - Finalist in 2010. 65 sf in San Francisco.
• 8 Kat's Open Entertainer - Finalist in 2007. 47 sf in Manhattan.
• 9 Lucy's Classic Yet Modern Kitchen in Washington D.C. - Finalist in 2010. 110 sf in DC.
• 10 Matt's Fun and Vintage Minnesota Kitchen - Finalist in 2010. 105 sf in St. Paul.

Are you planning on entering the Small Cool Kitchens Contest this year? We'd love to see your kitchen!

(Images: via contest entrants)

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