10 Pretty Disposable Tableware Picks For Your Outdoor Party

Product Roundup

Throwing an outdoor soirée this summer? If you're not terribly enthused by standard disposable tableware (read: blue plastic cups and wimpy white paper plates), we don't blame you. Thankfully, there are some lovely, colorful, and just plain cheerful disposable table pieces out there. Here are 10 picks that would prettify any picnic table:

  1. Bright Stripes Spoon Set, $6/set of 12 from Sucre Shop
  2. Yellow Triangles Paper Plates, $6.99/8 count from The Tomkat Studio
  3. Stars Wood Cutlery Set, $6.99/set of 8 from Susty Party
  4. Oh Joy! Beverage Napkin in Coral, $2.40/20 count from Target
  5. Oh Joy! Round Plate in Aqua, $2.40/10 count from Target
  6. Anchor Plates, $20/set of 10 from Sucre Shop
  7. Toot Sweet Charms Small Plate, $4.50/8 count from Sweet Lulu
  8. Rain Paper Napkins, $4.90/set of 100 from Uguisu
  9. Pretty Stripes Paper Cups, $5.50/set of 12 from Beau Coup
  10. Light Blue Dinner Plates, $6.99/8 count from Susty Party

(Image credits: The Kitchn)