10 Practical Vessels That Are Better than Gravy Boats

10 Practical Vessels That Are Better than Gravy Boats

Amanda Waas
Nov 3, 2016

Back in the day, owning a formal set of china was a requirement. You'd haul it out once a year for Thanksgiving and then banish it back into the basement to be forgotten about until November rolled around again.

To this, we say: nope! Not anymore. Let your grandmother gasp in astonishment about your life choices — you don't have the room or the need for stuff that you use only once a year. Chief among those sorts of objects? Gravy boats.

That's why we've rounded up 10 cute little vessels that can serve as a gravy boat at this year's Thanksgiving feast and still be functional in your kitchen year-round.

  1. Storybook Flora Measuring Cup, $24 at Anthropologie: Measuring cups are good stand-ins for traditional gravy boats, but if you think it'd be unseemly to plop your Pyrex measuring cup on the table, this option is as pretty as it is functional.
  2. Octagonal Trophy Bowl, $46 at Waiting on Martha: Send the signal to everyone that you're the number-one Thanksgiving host with this trophy-like bowl, which will serve up gravy like a champ. Post-Thanksgiving, it'll serve as a great candy dish.
  3. Glass Milk Carton Creamer, $13 at CB2: An adorable creamer by day, a really handy gravy boat on Thanksgiving, this cute guy is made for pouring liquids.
  4. Carla Porcelain Milk Jars, $9 at Harabu House: These hand-painted vessels have spouts perfect for pouring, and will jazz up your morning breakfast table after the holidays are over.
  5. Avva Carafe & Stopper, $80 at Teroforma: For larger Thanksgiving tables, pitchers or carafes like this one are ideal for gravy because they can dish out a lot of the good stuff. After the holiday, use it as intended — as a pitcher for mixed drinks or just plain ol' water.
  6. Savore Sugar and Creamer Set, $15 at Wayfair: Technically designed for coffee service, there's no rule saying this set can't be used to dole out gravy. Put the sugar holder and creamer set at opposite ends of the table and eliminate the annual-pass-the-gravy traffic jam.
  7. Muse Reversible Creamer, $28 at Jonathan Adler: If you haven't gotten it by now, creamers are probably the best gravy boat replacements, and this quirky one from Jonathan Adler will likely spark dinner conversation about your uncle's 40-year-old moustache. Yay or nay?
  8. Wayne Teapot, $25 at CB2: Easily passable and totally ready to hold a lot of liquid (46 ounces!), this teapot is ready for action as a gravy boat this Thanksgiving.
  9. Moscow Mule Mugs, $40 for 2 at Huckberry: If you're into making Moscow Mules at home, you might already own a makeshift gravy boat. If not, pick up this set — the large handles make for easy passing, and all you have to do is add a spoon or small ladle and you're ready to go.
  10. Form Milk/Cream Jug, $65 at Horne: Made out of solid brass, this Form Milk/Cream Jug will look fancy on your Thanksgiving table, which might please the traditionalists who can't believe you're not using an actual gravy boat.
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