10 Magnets That Deserve Space on Your Fridge

10 Magnets That Deserve Space on Your Fridge

Lisa Freedman
Jan 17, 2017

Chances are, you're picky about what earns a spot on your fridge and freezer doors. That finger painting by your nephew? Sure, that can be displayed. The menu to your favorite Chinese restaurant? Meh, probably not.

So why not be just as selective about the magnets you use to hang all this stuff? After all, magnets are like jewelry for your fridge and freezer. Our point: It might be time to get rid of that rectangular magnetic monstrosity advertising your local car wash. Replace all those random magnets with some of these cute ones.

  1. Tropicana Magnets, $12 for four at Idle Wild Co.: This trendy combo of chartreuse, coral, and mint will warm up any kitchen — without defrosting your freezer's contents.
  2. Pineapple Magnet with Air Plant, $15 for one at PapersmithCo: Before you balk at the price of one magnet, note that this cute little guy also comes with an air plant. And the two pieces together look like a mini pineapple! Worth it, right?
  3. Stuck Up Magnets, $7.50 for four at Fred: These magnets are plastic, so they're way less gross than you think at first glance.
  4. Cat Butt Magnets, $15 for six at Kikkerland: Because butts are always funny — especially when they're cat butts!
  5. Mighties, $15 for 16 at See Jane Work: Tiny but mighty, these little guys can each hold up to 10 pieces of computer paper.
  6. Magnetic Gold Clips, $10 for six at CB2: Add an industrial touch to your kitchen (and keep your bills organized!) with these magnetic clips.
  7. Knob Magnets, $8 for three at Three by Three: These look like little thumbtacks, but are obviously magnets. You know, because fridges don't have cork doors.
  8. Dialed-In Magnets, $10 for six at Bed Bath & Beyond: Make it look like people need the special combination to open your fridge with these silly dials.
  9. Stick-Up Sticks, $10 for six at Areaware: So basic, yet so cute.
  10. Urban Taxidermy Deer, $13 for one at FCTRY: Real taxidermy kinda creeps us out, but we can get behind this fake deer head. Stick it to your fridge or use the keyholes to mount it on a wall.

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