10 Classic Kitchen Tools That Will Stand the Test of Time

10 Classic Kitchen Tools That Will Stand the Test of Time

Lisa Freedman
Nov 29, 2016

Whether you're shopping for someone who just got her first apartment or is already living in her fifth, there are some must-have items every home cook needs. And it might be up to you get them for her.

Take a look at this list and see what she's missing. Buy one or three things now and she'll be able to use them forever.

  1. Master Series Coarse Paddle Grater, $30 at Williams-Sonoma: Microplane (the mother of all graters) recently came out with this wood-handled line, with sustainably harvested American walnut. It's amazingly pretty and still as hardworking as ever.
  2. Victorinox Kitchen Shear, $26: Everyone talks about knives, but let's get real: We can't live without our shears. These can handle so many tasks — large and small — and stay sharp all the way through.
  3. Epicure Chef's Knife, $190 at Sur la Table: That said, knives are still important. This eight-inch chef's knife features a single piece of steel and an invisible ceramic coating. And the handle is made with the same material used in skateboard parks, so it's super durable.
  4. Diamond Chambray Kitchen Towel Set, $15 for two at Coyuchi: You're not the only one who looks good in chambray — it's also a nice touch in a kitchen. These colorful beauties, made of thirsty organic cotton, are absorbent to boot!
  5. Carbon Steel Skillet, from $195 at Blanc Creatives: We've already sung the praises of carbon steel and we'll keep on doing it. Sure, you can find a starter option for $25 at a restaurant supply store, but this one could become a family heirloom.
  6. Atlas Pepper Mill, $52: Handmade in Greece, this gorgeous copper pepper mill features a steel grinding mechanism built to last. Plus it generates seven times the amount of pepper than standard mills.
  7. Mason Cash Animal Bowls, $115 at King Arthur Flour: Every kitchen needs at least one set of durable mixing bowls. This chip-resistant earthenware set fits the bill — and has a playful design featuring owls, foxes, hedgehogs, and rabbits.
  8. Turnabout Board, $80 at JK Adams: This maple reversible carving board features a flat side, which can be used as a cutting or serving board, and another with an indentation that cradles meat during carving. It couldn't be more practical if it tried!
  9. 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set, $15: You've gotta love Pyrex. This set (including a one-cup, two-cup, and four-cup option) seems to have the ability to last forever. And the measuring cups are some of Pyrex employee's favorite items.

  10. Set of 3 Kitchen Tools, $35 at Kate Spade: There's no match for this coordinating spatula, skimmer, and wooden spoon set.

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