10 Beautiful and Slightly Insane Bento Boxes on Pinterest

For some the challenge of making lunch is simply to remember to bring it to work, or trying to prep ahead of time. For others, it's trying to perfect the art of the truly beautiful lunch bento box. One of the places that emphasizes the later, of course, is Pinterest.

A rough search for lunch ideas on the social media site and you will be inundated with the most intricate and sometimes alarming kyaraben bento boxes. Whether your making these for kids, or for yourself, here are a few lunches to inspires you.

Do you make bento boxes for lunch? What inspires you? Here are a few of my favorites I found on Pinterest. They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost:

1. "Chewie Soba" - Disposable Aardvarks Inc.

2. Jawa Bento Box –– Sandwich Architecture

3. Calvin and Hobbes Bento - Anna the Red

4. Totoro with Cherry Blossoms - Anna the Red

5. Spa Bento - Kitsa Sakurako

6. Homer Simpson Bento - Kasumin

7. Xbox Controller Bento - Laura Nguyen

8. Adventure Time - BensonLuu

9. A Shirt for Sawyer (Lost Bento 3) - Adventures in Bento Making

10. Lunch Landscape - Kitsa Sakurako

(Image credits: Imgur ; Sandwich Architecture ; Anna the Red ; Anna the Red ; Flickr; One Inch Punch; Flickr; Mashable; Adventures in Bento Making ; Flickr)