Inspiration: Christmas Trees in the Kitchen

We've talked a bit about decorating the kitchen for the holidays. It seems most of us want to introduce some special touch to the room, but fear clutter in a space that's busy and often cramped for space anyway. Might a small tree be the solution?

Here are a few kitchens with Christmas trees incorporated into them. Some ideas we gleaned from this gallery for setting up a kitchen tree without taking up too much space:

  • Set it up on the floor if you have an out-of-the-way corner.
  • Contain it, much like a fruit bowl.
  • Get a small rosemary tree that will be both beautiful and useful in the kitchen, well after the holidays.

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Images: Keith Scott Morton/Country Living, Michael Luppino/Country Living, Flickr member Sultry licensed for use under Creative Commons, House Beautiful

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