20 Ways to Cook Anything & 10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets

This Time Last Year

This time last year we were talking about useful kitchen gadgets, and baked falafel. We were showcasing some really colorful knives, and discussing vegetarian and vegan brunch ideas. There was a tour of Art and Chel's great Chicago kitchen, a yuzu mojito, and more!

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

Spoon-shaped sugar cookies and spoon sweets from Greece.

Baked falafel and a ginger drink from West Africa.

• The top ten most useful kitchen gadgets. Plus really colorful knives from Komachi.

• Fun sweets: Sour cherry coffee cake, 3-tier wedding cupcakes, and ice cream cake from scratch.

• How to buy, cook, and clean scallops, plus a recipe for spicy grilled shrimp.

• 20 ways to cook just about anything.

• Best kitchen color ever?

• What is malabar spinach?

• A tour of Art and Chelsea's lovely Chicago kitchen.

• A food-lover's guide to Baltimore, Kansas City, and to Los Angeles.

• A clever idea for pie crusts.

• What do you think of hot pink in the kitchen?

• Amazing marinated vegetables.

• What should I make for a vegetarian brunch?

• A yuzu mojito inspired by Tokyo.

Previous Year Ago Lookback: 10 Useless Kitchen Gadgets and the Truth About MSG

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