What Is the Quickest Way to Season a Cast Iron Pan?

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Q: Is there a quick way to season a cast iron pot properly? Most instructions say to cook fatty food in it for the first 10-15 times, but I don't cook fatty food! I'm dying to start using my new cast iron pot for stews and roasts and yummy stuff, but it keeping sticking and burning the meat. Am I doing something else wrong?

Sent by Tracy

Editor: Tracy, we usually just rub the pan with oil and leave it in a hot oven. See directions here:

How To Season a Cast Iron Skillet

But most cast iron is pre-seasoned nowadays. Perhaps you are still just adjusting to cooking in cast iron? You do have to expect a little more sticking and browning in a piece of cast iron than in a nonstick pot. Readers, do you have any good tips or ideas for Tracy and her new cast iron pot?

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