What Is the Best Way to Use Fresh Black Truffles?

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Q: I happen to have three fresh black truffles in my possession (long story) that I need to use up pretty quickly. I was told to keep each one wrapped separately in paper towel and store in a glass jar in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. I've done as directed, but I got them a week ago, and today noticed a little mold on one.

I've grated some on eggs, enjoyed them sliced on good bread with butter, but there is no way I can devour these things before they go completely bad. So what to do? Can I freeze them? If so, grate first or just freeze them whole? Can I make truffle butter and freeze it? (and...last resort...I'm in New York on the UWS and willing to share these beauties)

Sent by Karen

Editor: Karen, wow! Congratulations on your truffle windfall. We have never been in possession of whole truffles, but we do know that they can be frozen — albeit for very short amounts of time (about 2 weeks). You can also create truffle butter with them, store them in a carton with eggs (the flavor will permeate the egg through the shell), or store them in flavorless oil.

Here's a good site on some of these and other options for storing and using truffles:

Truffles - Storage and Use

Readers, do any of you have experience with fresh black truffles? How should Karen use them?

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