Tasty, Nutritious Meals for a New Mom, Dad & Toddler?

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Q: My sister just gave birth and I thought it would be nice to bring over some prepared meals that would be easy for her to heat up while caring for a newborn.

I'm looking for nutritious, tasty meals my sister can eat while recovering from her difficult delivery that would also be good for her 3-year-old as well as her husband (he does not eat meat, but does consume dairy and egg products).

All involved are not too picky and thankfully, the 3-year-old is usually game to try anything at least once!

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Editor: Catherine, here are a few posts from the archives to get you going, and then we'll turn it over to the readers.

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Also, don't forget about snacks and easy finger food, which are often a lot easier for a new mom to handle than big slabs of lasagna.

What are your favorite vegetarian meals to take to new moms?

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