What Should I Do With These Tiny Asian Plums?

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Q: A friend just gave me three gallons of tiny Asian plums. Any suggestions on what I can do with all these little plums?

I live in Alaska and so rarely have access to such fresh, Alaska-grown fruit, so I really appreciate your helping me to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Sent by Suzanne

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Editor: Suzanne, those are really beautiful little plums! What about a batch of jam to preserve some of them for the winter? I like this simple jam. Also try this recipe — it may be my favorite dessert of all time. High praise, I know, but really. Try it: Plum crumble. Also try Sara Kate's End of Summer Prune Plum Pie.

Readers, have you ever tried tiny plums like these? What would you do with them?

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(Images: Suzanne via email)

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