Best Meal Solutions for Vegetarians Living with Carnivores?

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Q: I don't eat meat — but I'm also in love with my carnivorous fiancee! We love eating together, but negotiating his desire for meat with my vegetarian diet can be tricky. I spend a lot of time searching for recipes where we're assured that "We won't miss the meat!". But, he does, and making two separate dishes for dinner doesn't fit our schedule, budget or lifestyle. Any advice?

Sent by Katie

Editor: Katie, well, you don't necessarily need to make two separate dishes, but perhaps you could swing two separate versions of a dish? Pasta sauce, with some sausage crumbles for your man, or chickpea curry with some grilled chicken breast on the side? Here are a couple of resources to check out that approach cooking from this perspective: Ivy Manning's The Adaptable Feast (reviewed here) and Peter Berley's The Flexitarian Table.

Readers, any suggestions or resources for Katie?


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