Good Lunches to Eat Standing Up?

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Q: I'm stumped! My husband is starting a new teaching job today, and two out of every four weeks have him on Lunch Duty. He will have no lunch period, and during the students' lunch period he will need to stand outside the bathrooms monitoring students.

So, what on earth do I pack him that can, a) Be eaten standing up with no time to microwave or b) Tide him over from 8am homeroom to free period at 2:15! I'm at a loss.

Sent by Sarah

Editor: Sarah, this sounds like a job for homemade calzones! Warm them up in the morning and wrap them in foil and put them in an insulated lunchbox. It's a great way to eat on the go.

Readers, any more ideas for Sarah?


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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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