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Q: I'm a tea enthusiast and stock up on loose leaf teas. However, I'm also a student and like to take my loose leaf with me to class. My favourite tea mug is one of those ceramic ones with the silicone lid, but I don't like to taste the paper in those "fill it yourself" tea bags.

Is there any tea infuser that a) is portable b) can fit in a variety of travel mugs c) won't cause my mug to leak and d) isn't paper based?

Sent by Becca

Editor: Becca, you may want to consider a full tea-brewing system, with a mug that has an integrated tea infuser. This is probably the best way to make sure that everything works together well. Here are a couple options:

Eight Cranes PPerfect Steeper Portable Loose Leaf Tea Brewer, $29.99 at Amazon
Stainless Steel Loose Tea Travel Mug, $21.95 at Mighty Leaf

But also check out this infuser:

Tovolo In-Mug Tea Infuser, $10.71 at Amazon

Readers, any suggestions or good ideas?


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