Best Make-Ahead Lunches for Busy Work-at-Home Mom?

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Q: I am in serious need of some lunch help. I have what may seem like an ideal situation — I work from home. However, I work from home with my 8-month-old underfoot. Between work and caring for and feeding my son I usually end up at best grabbing a granola bar and at worse skipping lunch all together.

So what I need are some quick and easy lunch ideas. I'm fine to do prep work the night before so I can just grab it from the fridge when I have a moment to eat, but I have very little time at lunch to actually make anything. Two things to note — I'm lactose intolerant so no dairy, please and I really despise leftovers.

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Editor: I can certainly attest to the fact that working at home, even without an infant, doesn't necessarily mean one eats a great lunch every day! Michelle, one of my favorite ways to make sure I eat lunch is to make a big pot of beans at the beginning of the week. Having a pot of beans or cooked quinoa around means that I can just throw in a handful of fresh greens (baby spinach, arugula) and some cheese, and perhaps some salsa. Warm up and eat. Easy.

Also check out these lunch salads and these other lunch recipes.

Readers, what would you suggest for Michelle? Any good ideas for a busy work-at-home mom?


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