How Do I Find (& Install) Floating Shelves for the Kitchen?

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Q: I'm looking to add an open shelf to my kitchen like the ones pictured here. I want it to be deep enough and strong enough to hold dishes, a couple canisters, some spices, etc.

I've seen a bunch of examples from kitchen tours here, yet I am having trouble finding where to buy or how make to make them. What I'm finding is either too shallow or won't support anything more than a few pictures and accessories.

Does anyone know where to either get such a shelf or find good DIY instructions for them?
Thank you in advance!

Sent by Corrie

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Editor: Readers, what sort of advice would you give Corrie? Do you have favorite sources for floating shelves, or any experience in installing them?


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(Images: Leela Cyd Ross; Cottage Living)

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