Should I Buy a Yogurt Maker?

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Q: I love yogurt and eat it almost every day for an afternoon snack, and I cook with it often as well. I usually buy the large 4-cup containers of Stonyfield low-fat or Trader Joe's European Style plain yogurt. But I have been thinking of getting a yogurt maker.

I have a small kitchen and generally oppose unitasking appliances, so I was hoping to hear from those who have yogurt makers — do you use it regularly, or does it now collect dust? Do you like the quality of the yogurt you can produce? Is there anything else you can do with it besides make yogurt? Is it worth the space and do you think you save money in the long run?

Sent by Erika

Editor: Erika, we definitely applaud your desire to make yogurt — it is so simple and delicious. But we don't really think you need a yogurt maker. Check out these two posts on making yogurt at home without an extra gadget:

Three Ways to Make Yogurt Without a Yogurt Maker
How to Make Yogurt at Home

Readers, what are your thoughts? Do you think a yogurt maker is worth it? Do you have one?


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