What Can I Make with Chocolate Chipotle Sauce?

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Q: I bought a jar of delicious, smoky Chocolate Chipotle sauce. Sadly, it doesn't come with recipe suggestions and has been sitting untouched for any weeks.

Any ideas on how I can use this?

Sent by Manali

Editor: Manali, this depends on whether this is a sweet chocolate sauce or a savory one. If it's sweet, what about a sundae — perhaps with dulce de leche or salted almond ice cream? If it's savory, slather it on some pork roast, then cook it slowly in the oven.

Pictured above: Spicy Dark Chocolate Sauce from Sassy Sauces

Readers, any other suggestions?


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(Image: Alexandra Restrepo/Sassy Sauces via Foodzie)

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