What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use Chipotle Powder?

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Q: I just bought a bag of ground chipotle powder. I've never used it before but the smell was intoxicatingly delicious and I couldn't resist buying it! I searched online for some recipes but had a tough time finding something appropriate for me (no red meat).

I'm curious about some of your favorite recipes using ground chipotle powder which don't involve red meat.

Sent by LeahEditor: Leah, chipotle powder is one of my very favorite seasonings. I use it in anything that could use a little spice, and a little smoke. The smoked chili peppers in chipotle powder can lend a marvelous smoky flavor to everything from grilled chicken, to salad dressing, to brownies. I love it in this gratin:

Sweet Potato and Sage Gratin

Also try smoky chipotle chicken, rutabaga chipotle soup, giant chipotle white beans and chocolate chipotle shortbread.

Readers, how do you like to use chipotle powder>


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