What Can I Do With a Large Box of Turkish Marzipan?

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Q: I received a rather large box of marzipan from a co-worker who recently returned from Turkey. I've only had marzipan once before, in the form of some sort of elaborately shaped marzipan animal, from a fancy grocery store in London. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sit down and sculpt it all into animals or fruits, and I feel like there has to be a better option for it than just eating it by the handful. So what do I do with all this marzipan?

Sent by Laurel

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Editor: Laurel, well you could always sculpt an Easter lamb out of it! Hmm — maybe not. Readers, any ideas for all this marzipan? What would you do with it?


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(Image: Laurel via email)

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