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Q: This last weekend I had a goat butchered for the first time, and I am excited about trying new recipes. I had always raised goats for fiber before, and just had chickens for meat with the occasional beef. So this is a new experience.

I had it cut and packaged in a variety pack way. Shoulder with bone and without, leg with bone and without, some ground and so on. I have a lot of meat cuts to choose from. What are some goat meat tips and ideas?

Sent by Liz

Editor: Liz, oh that sounds wonderful. Goat is one of our favorite sorts of meat right now. It is less gamey-tasting than lamb, but it has a richness that really satisfies the palate. Here are some past posts and recipes; check out the goat tacos!

Goat Meat 101
Getting To Know Goat Meat: Drunken Goat Burritos
Braised Goat Shanks with Prune, Shallot, and Brandy Reduction
Recipe: Goat Tacos

Readers, what are your favorite ways to prepare goat meat?


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