Yikes! I Found Green Meat on My Free-Range Chicken

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Q: Have any of you ever found green meat on your chicken? I recently roasted a chicken and there was a tiny spot of green meat. It was very unsettling. I contacted the farmer, who said it was bruising on the chicken.

A quick Google search offered a thread on Chowhound where I learned that most of the people who had this problem purchased their chicken directly from a farmer, or from a free-range chicken source. One of the theories on the Chowhound thread also said it resulted from "excessive flapping" done by free-range chickens. There are other theories that it's gangrene. Either way, it's very unsettling to eat green chicken. Have any of your readers experienced this?.

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Editor: Carrie, thanks for the link to the Chowhound thread — how interesting!

Green chicken?? at Chowhound

Readers, have you ever experienced anything like this?


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