What Can I Do With Camembert Cheese?

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Q: What can I make with Camembert that doesn't amount to Baked Cheese? I keep getting a wheel of it weekly from my CSA and there are only so many panini a girl can eat.

I've heard this cheese needs to be used pretty quickly. Help!

Sent by Heidi

Editor: Heidi, oh yum! Camembert is delicious with just a hunk of bread and jam, too. But yes, if you're getting a wheel every week that's a lot of cheese and bread!

Since it's Casserole Week we're wondering about throwing some chunks of Camembert in a free-form pasta casserole along with some greens and perhaps a bit of bacon. Put it in the oven and let it get all melty and oozy — yum!

Readers, what would you suggest?


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