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Q: I received a totally unexpected $100 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma and I'm looking for good ideas on how to spend it. Problem is I feel like I have all the major kitchen tools, pots, and pans, and I'm not a huge fan of most kitchen gadgets. My kitchen is fairly small and storage is a challenge so I always make sure whatever I buy will be useful and worth me trying to find a space to cram it into.

I love to cook and have experimented in all types of cuisines and cooking techniques. My latest passion is braising...

Sent by Heather

Editor: Heather, lucky you! We're jealous, but we also admire your restraint and moderation.

A few ideas. What about simply saving it for specialty ingredients? You can pick up some good ingredients at Williams-Sonoma, and $100 would go a long way.

With your love of braising, what about a new Dutch oven? Yes, you say you have all the pots and pans you need, but one pot that I've become seriously enamoured of this year is the 3-quart Dutch oven. Most people buy these huge 6-quart Dutch ovens, and those are very useful, but I actually find that I use my 3-quart (same volume as a 9x13 pan) more than anything else. This smaller Staub Dutch oven is just $100.

And finally, what about one good new knife? Or a mandoline? That's one of the few gadgets that I think is really, truly worth the space in the kitchen. I use mine all the time.

Readers, how would you spend $100 at Williams-Sonoma, especially given Heather's kitchen constraints?


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