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Q: Happy holidays, The Kitchn! I'm a big tea lover and have been unsuccessfully searching for a large, good quality tea chest both in specialty shops and on the web. I'm looking for a good way to store my expanding stockpile of loose tea and tea bags in my modestly-sized kitchen.

Do you or your readers have any tips on where to find a good tea chest or some creative storage ideas? Thanks!

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Editor: R, a few ideas:

Inexpensive jars with plus/minus signs for caf/decaf tea bags. Not good storage for fine loose-leaf tea, of course, but nice for that stash of miscellaneous tea bags.
Good Product: Teabag Storage Caddy - Another nice solution for tea bags.
More suggestions for an elegant tea chest.

For loose leaf tea, we use a small collection of canisters and sealed jars.

Readers, any suggestions for R?


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