Simple, Healthy Side Dishes for Holiday Parties?

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Q: Since this is the season of get-togethers, and I'll always inevitably be asked to bring some sort of side dish, what are some good, simple, healthy ideas for a side dish that would keep well on a drive to someone's house, and maybe not need to be kept warm?

Salad is good, but you don't really need more than one at a party, and a veggie tray is always popular, but boring.

Sent by Cara

Editor: Cara, well, you actually could jazz up the relish tray with some of these ideas.

You could also bring a grain salad, which is more interesting and versatile than a plain green salad. We love this five grain salad from Emeril and this sweet and savory wild rice salad.

Also, don't forget: homemade bread is NEVER turned down!

Readers, any thoughts?


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