Where Is the Best Place to Print a Custom Cookbook?

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Q: My brother just finished a family baking book.  He did all the work himself including the photography. He's printing it via Blurb as holiday gifts for the family. We feel that it's quite beautiful and practical and was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper place that might be willing to print a cookbook that we might encourage him to sell in local shops or at the farmers market.

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Here is a link to the book on Blurb...

Waiting for Gateau at Blurb

Editor: Charles, there are several options out there. One, Tastebook, has become quite popular in the custom cookbook space. Tastebook can help you create a good cookbook, but they have some inherent challenges with copyright protection. (Users can upload any photo or recipe they like and print it, for a price, and some blogs, including The Kitchn, have objected to the use of material used without permission or acknowledgement.)

You could also use Apple's printing service. I can't speak to the relative price and quality differences, though. Readers, have you ever printed a custom cookbook? Any recommendations?


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(Image: via Blurb)

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