Good Meals For a Young Mother Fighting Cancer?

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Q: I have an acquaintance who is fighting cancer. She is married with two young children and I would love to make something for the family. Possibly something that I could make a big batch of and freeze well, but I would like to stay away from the usual suspects like lasagna because I feel like they will get a lot of that. Any suggestions?

Sent by Kristen

Editor: Kristen, we have had some experience with this, and we have seen many families in this situation struggle, indeed, with huge pots of soup and pans of lasagna with no room to put it or store it.

We have two suggestions. First, find out if there is anything the kids particularly enjoy, and make that. Or take snacks, frozen cookie dough, cut-up fruit, or salads. Those lighter, snack-ish foods are often deeply appreciated, especially when people are in crisis mode and don't have time to sit down for full meals.

Readers, any thoughts for Kristen?


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