How Can I Make a Solo Thanksgiving Special?

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Q: I'm thinking about buying just turkey breast this Thanksgiving. Besides being on my own this year, I'm pretty sure a whole turkey wouldn't fit in my apartment's tiny oven! Any recommendations for what I can do to make it special?

Any other ideas for "miniaturizing" some traditional favorites would be helpful as well.

Sent by Darlene

Editor: Darlene, we have just the recipe for you! It's delicious and looks beautiful, and it gets a lot of the Thanksgiving basics in: Something mashed, turkey, a scarlet pool of red wine sauce (you can augment with cranberry sauce if you like).

Recipe: Ginger and Black Pepper Roasted Turkey Breast with Red Wine Sauce and Celery Root Puree

Readers, any more ideas for Darlene and her solo Thanksgiving?


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(Image: Allison Theiner)

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