Can I Freeze Homemade Falafel?

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Q: Because of an allergy to sesame seeds, I can only enjoy falafel made in my own kitchen. I have a great recipe, but it requires a good deal of prep work that makes satisfying a falafel craving on a whim a bit of a challenge.

I am wondering if falafel would take well to freezing. This way, I could make a large batch once in a while and have a falafel whenever the mood strikes me.

If freezing is a viable option, would it be best to freeze them uncooked or fully cook them before storing in the freezer? Finally, what would be the best re-heat method?

Sent by Sofia

Editor:Sofia, we're not sure about this one, so we'll throw it straight out to the readers. Anyone have advice for freezing falafel? If it does indeed work out, this could be a great weeknight meal.

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