Can You Recommend a Basic Handbook to Pickling?

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Q: In the last months, I've been struggling with my first attempts at pickling and preserving. I mainly use the River Cottage Handbook for guidance, but I need more information about hygiene basics and more specific instructions about sealing. There are so many books about pickles and preserves — it doesn't seem sensible to buy them all.

Can you recommend a book that will guide me very clearly through the essentials of pickling?

Sent by Dora

Editor: Dora, here are a couple that we've reviewed. Both have excellent introductory material to help beginning picklers:

Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It by Karen Solomon
The Art of Preserving from Williams-Sonoma (includes the pickled beets pictured above)

Readers, what's your go-to book or resource for pickling and preserving basics?

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(Image: Williams-Sonoma)

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