Homemade Treats for Summer Gifting?

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Q: I am flying to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend to see my boyfriend's family. When we visited at Thanksgiving, I made your Skillet Toffee and everyone loved it! Not wanting to show up empty handed, I wanted to bring something homemade this time as well.

I want to bring something that will travel well (last time I wrapped the toffee in wax paper and put it in a tin and it did great on the flight tucked in my carry on) and is sort of summery and sweet, and maybe contains pecans and/or rhubarb (I've got a lot of both in the freezer!). I'm also a fan of simpler recipes.

Sent by Leia

Editor: Leia, what about nougat? It's still a simple candy, but it's a little lighter and more summery. You could use pecans in it too:

A Recipe from Provence: Nougat de Montélimar

Also think about these meringues:

Creole Kisses

Readers, what would you suggest for Leia and her homemade treats?


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