Great Make-Ahead Foods for a Camping Trip?

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Q: I am going camping this weekend with my husband and three-year-old. Since there's a burn ban in effect we are unable to have a campfire and can only use our two-burner propane camp stove. I'm looking for suggestions on what to make ahead and take with us.

Ideally I'd like to get creative and have some really delicious and nutritious dishes and treats. It's hot here in Austin so I'd also rather not make or take anything highly perishable that requires a truck ton of ice.

Sent by Raquel

Editor: Raquel, let me direct you first to these past posts...

Good Question: Best Meals to Cook On Camping Trips?• Best Campfire Foods: What Do You Eat While Camping?
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...and then throw this out to the readers. What would you guys take on a camping trip this weekend?


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