Study: Veggies, Still Really Good for You

Food News for Tuesday November 23

In today's food news, via our friends at Food News Journal: A study that shows, once again, that those veggies really are good for you! Plus, Southern Sudan's first brewery, and a look at lesser-known beer cultures of the world.

Read on for more news of the day via Food News Journal. 

Parental food nagging may produce fussy eaters - Reuters
Gluten Sensitivity and the Impact on the Brain - HuffPost
Dorito-Shaped UFOs Spotted Over Britain - AOL News
Feds are investigating drinking glasses with lead - WashPost/AP
Study: Veggies, Still Really Good for You - TIME
Tea Party Foes of Food Safety Bill Grow Louder -  Food Safety News
Lesser-Known Beer Cultures of the World - HuffPost
Southern Sudan goes its own way with first brewery - BBC
Regulatory ingredients go into food start-ups - Los Angeles Times
Immigrant Women Exploited In U.S. Food Industry - Neon Tommy

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(Image: Food News Journal)

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