U.K. Deems Breast Milk Ice Cream Safe to Eat

Food News for Thursday, March 10

In today's food news, via our friends at Food News Journal: Breast milk ice cream? What do you think about that? Plus, a more traditional (yet innovative) ice cream gets major press in TIME.

Read on for more news of the day via Food News Journal. 

Food from the Edge: The End of Espresso? - Slashfood/AOL
'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' returns for second season - LAT
Turmoil in Middle East will keep prices high - Washington Post
U.K. Deems Breast Milk Ice Cream Safe to Eat - Fox News
Oprah Institutes Meatless Mondays at Harpo Studios - The Feast
Can the Best Ice Cream in America be the Biggest? - TIME
The Vegan Mystique - Poor Taste Magazine
Capturing ‘Modernist Cuisine’ -  New York Times
Past-prime wine can keep on giving - SLT Tribune.
Cocoa prices near record high - Marketplace

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(Image: Food News Journal)

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