Politicians Killed the Easy-Bake Oven

Food News for Thursday, February 24

In today's food news, via our friends at Food News Journal: The Easy-Bake oven is collateral damage in the war on energy waste. Plus, an author sues her former agent for allegedly stealing her cookbook idea, scientists finally "prove" that pot gives you the munchies, and watch out Baked Alaska — there's a Mad Men cookbook on the way!

Read on for more news of the day via Food News Journal. 

Review: So Many Coupon Sites, So Little Time - NPR
I'm Sick of Mussels - Bon Appetit
Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi - -  BBC News
Koreas: Concern grows over diseased cattle - Global Post
NHS warns against alternative tests for food allergies - Guardian UK
Official: Only pasties from Cornwall are Cornish - Independent UK
Politicians kill the traditional Easy-Bake Oven
Bake Some Alaska: There's a Mad Men Cookbook - Grub Street NY
Breaking news: Marijuana gives you the munchies - LA Times
Author says agent stole her 'I Love Bacon' book idea - NY Post

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(Image: Food News Journal)

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