Hey, Hipsters, Mexican Coke May Be A Myth

Food News for Friday, October 29

In today's food news, via our friends at Food News Journal: Mexican Coke? Better and more delicious than regular Coke? It's all in your head. Plus, carnivorous cocktails, how to bring a new food product to market, and Olympic skier Bode Miller considers winemaking.

Read on for more news of the day via Food News Journal.

Study Of Corn Sweetener In Soda Stirs Up Controversy - NPR
Montreal meat gives NY pastrami run for its money - National Post
The end of cheap food - CS Monitor
Smitten With a Cocktail Called Frisco - New York Times
How to Bring a Food Product to Market - Inc
A giant supermarket experiments with being small - Economist
Carnivorous cocktails for meat lovers! - Times of India
Giant Eagle to Sell Wine From Kiosks - NACS
Bode Miller considers career in winemaking - Wine Spectator
Study: Hey, Hipsters, Mexican Coke May Be A Myth - TIME

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(Image: Food News Journal)

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